Aspects Card Game Information 


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'We wanted to play these games again and again. They are enjoyable even for experienced card players.'
45 yr old father of teenage sons.

Age of Players :8yrs to adult
Number of players :2 to 6. Some games can be played by larger groups.    

 We find it difficult to understand God, as He is beyond our understanding (Isaiah 55:9). However, God often chooses to make Himself known by likening ASPECTS of His character to things and people that lie within our experience. These are shown through our beautiful photographic cards each with a matching text card. . All rules for the games are included. 
  Gods open door

The games you will find in this pack are:

Matchspects: a simple pairs game for younger players. Older players aim to explain the examples God uses.

Pairspects: a memory game in which verse and picture cards are collected. Grwe are the clay God is the Pottereat fun for all ages.

Aspects Three: players race to collect cards in different sets.

Quaspects: an intriguing question and answer game which can be played on different levels depending on the ages of the players.

Aspectivity: using mime to teach about God.

Biblespecs:  develops skills of looking up Bible youth group mustard seed games  I will carry you on eagles wingsI am the vine and you are the branches