Aspects Card Games Help

Matchspects:  On one level, this is a simple pairs game playable by 3 year olds.  However, an older player’sSunday School Bible games and activities knowledge of God is tested as they are required to explain what God is trying to teach us about Himself through the various examples in the Aspects pack. (For example; the picture of the lion was used by God to teach that He is our King. He rules with power and will defeat our enemies for us.)

Quaspects: The aim here is to look more closely at the examples God uses to describe Himself and His work, through a puzzling question and answer game.  It can be played on a simple level as described in the pack, or in a more complex form for adults.  Here the game-play may be changed by the person holding the card.  They may make a Biblical statement about the card which the other players may ask questions about until the example is guessed.  For example:  if a player is holding the ‘Teacher’ card, they may say, “This is a job of the Holy Spirit?”   The group may then ask questions to try and find out which one, and therefore the name on the card being held.