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"I loved playing the games. They were exciting"
6 yr old boy.

Age of Players :8 yrs +
Number of players :2 to 6. Some games can be played by  larger groups            

Joseph was a carpenter, David looked after his father’s sheep, Peter, James and John were fishermen and Paul was a tent maker. These are some of the many jobs we meet in the Bible. Players will enjoy looking for the objects in the pictures and finding out about the lifestyles of working people in Bible times. Included in this pack are 6 different collecting, mime, patience, and puzzling strategy games. All rules are included  new testament fishing boat

The games you will find in this pack are:

 Collect a job: collect sets of people and their matching objects. 

Threes:  guess which character would use different object.  A more difficult game matches characters with Bible testament merchant

Bible weaverExplain-a-job:  a fun game of explanations and detection, after cards have been matched.

Hand-it-over:  a collecting game with a twist, honesty is the name of this game!

Job Solo:  a patience game that you won’t want to put down.

Mime-a-job: Can you guess the job or the object from the mime.  It will make you laugh, but it also makes you think about the world of Bible times. 
Christian father and son play Bible activities

"I am amazed at the number of things I can do with my group from just one box of cards.I have an instant resource that I can use, any time, with no preparation" Teacher

Bible stonemason Sunday activity group play Bible card games