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Creation Patience:  
The introduction to this game (page 2) describes the fall of man and how Jesus came to restore that whichyouth group play christian card games was lost. However until He returns, evil will sometimes win, at least temporarily.  In this game of patience, the cards do not always fall out successfully, just as things in life do not always work out as we expect them to.

This should be the teaching point of this game, which can be discussed with reference to the player’s lives.  Where do they see evil winning?  Where do they see God win?  Why are the victories of Satan only temporary? 


This is a game of skill and strategy. The cards are laid out to show the whole story of creation, the Serpent card hinders, but once the Serpent is dealt with he cannot be used again.  This part of the game can lead to discussion about how Satan can hinder believers (Paul knew about this only too well - 1 Thessalonians 2:18). 

Jesus has defeated the enemy, but we still have to be aware of satan wanting to destroy us  (1 Peter 5:8).


Creation Memory:  
This is a memory pairs game, suitable for younger children, but to be enjoyed by anyone who likes a memory challenge!  The Serpent cards are included in this game, the player missing a turn when one is turned up. 

In the very simplest terms, Satan is here presented as one who hinders us.