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Pricecreation Bible card games £4.99    Cards in Pack  64    In stock
Age of Players :8yrs to adult
Number of players :2 to 6. Some games can be played by  larger groups

God looked at the world He had created and He saw that it was good. Consideration of God’s CREATION can tell us much about what He is like; that He is good in all He does. These cards with especially commissioned and beautiful illustrations will delight all. Players will enjoy looking at the details in the pictures. The story of Creation is included in the cards.Creation helps to tell the Genesis account through different memory, collecting, patience and strategy games. All rules are included



 "A great resource to support those working on Christian ecology and responsible stewardship campaigns"

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The games you will find in this pack are:

The Introductory Activity:  players find the correct pictures while the story is read from Genesis 1 (included in the pack). Look hard at the details in the illustrations in order to find the correct days.  adam and eve creation game

serpent from Garden of EdenCreation Patience:  an exciting game that reminds how Satan spoils our world .

Creation-lay-out:  a game of skill and strategy as the cards are laid out to show the whole story of creation. 

Create-a-sequence:  a collecting game. Can you be the first to collect the 7 days of creation.  Watch out the serpent does not spoil your plans !

Creation Construction:  who can collect the most pairs.

Creation Memory: mostly for younger children, but enjoyed by anyone who likes a memory challenge!

the spirit moved over the water at creation

.family playing Bible card games Disabled Christian Man plays Bible games

"It did not take us long to learn the rules." 13 yr old girl

"Brilliant, really good."
16 yr old boy