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"The games were absorbing and I learned a lot."
Bible study group member.

Age of Players :8yrs to adult
Number of players :2 to 6. Some games can be played by  larger groups 

  Learn about the Fruits of the Spirit as found in familiar Bible stories
  Collecting and picture games for the young
  More complex strategy games for older players
  All rules included.

The games you will find in this pack are:

Harvest:collect sets of ‘Fruits’, but you must find a Holy Spirit card to win!Abraham was longsufferring and patient

Fruit Matrix: lay cards in order to tell Bible stories. Who will get their cards out first?

Explain a Fruit and To Be or not To Be: Get players thinking, talking and learning as they say how to apply the various fruits in everyday situations?

good Samaritan carries him on his donkeyFruits Chains:  a challenging game as players lay down ‘chains’ of fruits.  Can players  work out who has the last card each set!

Fruit Pics:  develops understanding and memory of the Fruits. Large groups can play as they guess the drawings.

"The games make you think. We took a set of games away on holiday.They were perfect,as there were so many different games to play and they took up so little room in our cases."
Mother of 3 children.

Fruits of the Spirit card game