Nativity Card Games Help

This is a game of collecting pairs, the winner being the person with the most pairs.  For older children,Christian Father and son play Bible games before a pair is laid down, the child may answer a question such as:

  • What part did ……………. (whatever is on the card, e.g. Mary) play in the Nativity story?

  • How did God use this person (on the card)?

  • Would God have approved of this character’s action?  Why/why not?

Nativity Families: 
A collecting game based on putting the cards into 4 different categories.  An extension of this game for older children is to collect 4 different pairs of cards.  Each pair will consist of 2 different cards that are linked in some way.  For example, one pair might be the innkeeper and the stable, the link being that the innkeeper owned the stable.  The winner must state the 4 links as they show the pairs to the group.