Nativity Card Game Information  


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Christmas Bible card gamesAge of Players :3 -10yrs
Number of players :2 to 6. Some games can be played by  larger groups     

Nativity has 23 pairs of beatifully illustrated cards. The cards show the people, places and objects associated with the story. Games and activities tell about the first Christmas (story included).
All rules included.

The activities and games in this pack are :
Storyline: listen to the Bible story, find the pictures and put them in the correct order. Learn about the Bible characters, places and events.young Christian South Korean girls play Bible games

shepherd at ChristmasNativity Pairs: a memory game to find the characters, places and things.

Matches: a pairs game. Great for younger children or can be used as a quiz, for older ages.

Nativity Families: collect the different groups or for older children find the ‘missing link’.

donkey at Christmasboy with Downs syndrome plays with christmas Bible cards

"Our group have Special Needs. Some have learning difficulties, others are in wheelchairs and have great difficulty in moving and talking.We were able to play the games by getting them to point or look at the cards they wanted.We all had great fun and it was good that all the group could be actively engaged together." Church Leader

 King herod christmas story cards